Smart opticals showrooms features modern refraction clinic offering the latest equipments. Eyetesting is done by qualified optometrist using autorefractometer , phoropther & slit lamp. Optometrists are well experiensed and their qualification is approved by the ministry of health of U.A.E. They held license to practise as same. All types of lens dispense works are performed by efficient contact lense specialist in all branches of smart opticals.Though the customers need economic price for their requirments we are strict to keep the quality and reliability of the products. Most of our showrooms are equipped with state of art lab capable of fixing almost all prescription lenses with in one day ( availability of stock ). If customers requires any delivery help smart opticals delivers for them.

General Tips

When putting on or removing your glasses, hold them by their temples and then put them on or take them off your face with your fingers, applying equal force on each temple. Removing them with one hand could cause distortion of the frame or loosening of the joints.
When you place your glasses on a level surface, place them with the lenses facing upwards. Otherwise, the surface of your lenses may be damaged.
When your lenses have been soiled, wash them with water and wipe dry with tissue paper or preferably with a lens-cleaning cloth. In case your lenses are excessively soiled, rinse them with diluted detergent and wash off with water. Avoid wiping the dirty lenses with a dry cloth, for it may damage the lenses and frame.
When wiping your lenses, grip the edge of the frame, holding the lens as you wipe gently. Applying excessive pressure could damage your lenses and frame.
When you have to carry your glasses with you, place them in a spectacle case. Clean the lenses before placing them in the case. Avoid keeping them for an extended period in a place liable to be exposed to insecticides, detergents, cosmetics or chemicals, for it may cause damage to your lenses and frame to deteriorate.
Deformed frames could place undue pressure on your nose or ears. It could also cause your lenses to come off the frame. In case you notice any distortion with your glasses, please consult your optician as soon as possible.